I am a product UI UX designer with 5+ years of experiences. I desire to craft user experiences that are useful and delightful to people.

Memebox iOS and Web App
UI UX 2017-Present
Purpl iOS App
UI UX 2016
Blupe iOS App
UI UX 2015-2016
Voyage Android App
UI UX 2016
Whatnow iOS and Android Apps
UI UX 2016
Baby Forecast iOS App
UI UX 2014
Qwizards iOS App
UI UX 2014
Beautiful Wikia
UI UX 2013
Pop Culture Fans User Study
User Research 2014
American Airline App
UI UX 2012
Foodler App
UI UX 2012
A to B
UI UX 2012
Rain Art
Book Art 2011
Bauhaus Book
Graphic Design 2011
Grid Exploration
Graphic Design 2010
Watermark Brochure
Photography 2010